A horse without a rider is always a horse. 

 A rider without a horse is only a human being.


We, the Workers...........

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The Kid



Hi there. They call me THE KID. I am a big, bold, handsome, blond Hunk of a horse. If I might say that. I am THE BOSS out here also. that's why I got the first slot. And I also have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I'll tell you some more about myself on my own page.



Hi, I am gorgeous Ebony. I am about as arrogant as my dad (the kid) and my mom (Ti). I was born and raised here at the ranch and don't know any other life than this. It's great because we get to do so many things. You can check out my stories on my own page.




Hi there. They call me Blondie. I guess because I am blond. I joined the gang as a lost 3 year old. I came from a cold place with only a few humans. People were not my thing until than. That has changed and I just love my life here.  Read more of my stories on my page.


Howdy. I am Stormy. I was born and raised here at the ranch. My dad was Alabaz, so I am one of the blood family. I live with a lot of my brothers and sister and cousins out here in the desert. Blondie is my best friend and together we entertain the rest of the herd. It's lots of fun.

Blue Boy

Hi there. They call me Blue Boy. Probably because of my blue eye. I wasn't born here either but I am a son of Alabaz. So when I joined the others as a 3 year old I felt right at home. Brother Heza and I are best of buddies, but I like to play stick with anybody. We always find lots of things to do and stories to tell.



Hello there. My name is Bo. I am out of Mo. No it is true. And my father was Alabaz. I am Miss Perfect. I was born and raised here at the ranch, which was pretty cool, with my 1/2 sister Azi. she might be prettier but I am better. Everyone loves me and love life out here.



Howdy, Howdy. You all know me as Heza. I have been the spokes person for DMT my entire life. I was moms favorite son of Alabaz. I have told you many a stories already in all those newsletter, but if you want to read my biography (or better horsogrphy) go to my page.


Hey, I am Sandy. I am the best and the prettiest Alabaz daughter ever. I have a gorgeous color, cute face and can do all kinds of things including a nice foxtrot. Sometimes I do get so wrapped up about my performance that I forget about myself. I just love to please . I'll tell you more on my page.


Hello. My name is Azi. Excuse me but I am the prettiest Alabaz daughter. We are purebred arabians of royal ancestry going back thousands of years. And yes, I have the arrogance of my mother Ti. And she was right. we will do anything they ask us for because we want to and look good doing it. I do also have my own page with lots of pretty pictures of course.


Hey there, I think I am the prettiest. I have my grand dads (Alabaz) pretty face and the most gorgeous ears. On top of it with my stocky and strong body I can gait and be so athletic that I can out maneuver a cat. Yes. Oh, and I love people. I loved people from the day I was born but didn't get to express myself until I joined the rest of the family down here.


Howdy. Mom calls me Spotsie (or her little Hidalgo, what ever that means). I grew up with my two sister Ebony and Sandy. Since mom was gone a lot they had me pretty much intimidated. It took a few mares to make me more confident as a man. Now I am a gelding and perfectly happy with it. Otherwise I think I am gorgeous and I love to look good and work hard.


Hi there. I'm Prince. Not the Prince of Belaire, no, the Prince of spots. Another grandson of Alabaz. I was born and raised here at the ranch. I take things as they come. I know I am not the prettiest and probably not the fastest but I am still young and growing. One day I will be as handsome and strong as my dad Spotsie.

Blue Fire

Hello everyone.

I am also back home for good. I missed everyone so much up there and got pretty depressed. Now I am back home in 'my pasture' again.


 I Inherited that status from my mother. I fell in love earlier this year with The Black and now we are expecting mid february 2016.

The Black/ Frankie

Hello, I am the 'Black Stallion' from the North.

I just came down here a few month ago in pretty poor shape. I found out right away that from now on life is gonna be great again. I am trying really hard to be perfect. I hope that'll be good enough so I can stay for a very long time.



Hi. It's me Heza again. I have to introduce my dad for him. He passed away last year due to a fractured femur and can't speak for himself anymore. Amongst us he is our hero, our mentor, our idol and our father and grandfather. He was pretty cool. Read his story on his page.


Queen of Diamonds

Hi there, I am the new Kid on the block. I am just learning how things work around here. So, check out my webpage and I'll tell you more about myself.