Hezabaz (Heza or Little Seabisquit)

Arabian bay gelding, out of Alabaz and Ti (b. 2003)


Hi I am Heza and I am the spokesperson for our family.  I started trail duty in 2006, which was great fun, but then my mom took me to Los Alamitos race track in Los Angeles, California to learn how to become a race horse (check out the picture below). At first I was very homesick and had no clue what those starting gates were for and why they rang a bell. However, that running stuff was a lot of fun until I hurt my leg. In 2007 mom gave me another chance since my leg was all healed up. I had lots of fun seeing all my friends again, but mom said I should have run faster and passed them on the race track. Coming in before the last one was not good enough. I think she needs to explain this racing stuff to me some more. I am now home, and in 2008 I entered the 55 mile Las Cienegas Pioneer Endurance Ride (Sonoita, AZ) and was placed 4th. I am definitely a marathon runner not a sprinter! In 2009 I became a dad for the first time, take a look at Hezana Mist. I had two more foals (Bandit and Lova Boy) in 2009 and 2010. And than I was gelded in 2010. So now I can go out and play with everyone in the big pasture. 


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