Maverick's Prospector (The Kid). Yep that's me. I was born up north in 2003. A blond Missouri foxtrotter colt. It was so bitter cold that first winter that the tip of my ears got frost bitten. Most people think it's kinda cute. I don't ever look in the mirror, so I don't care.


The early years:

Anyways, now I am in the warm south. Most of the time warm I might add. And out on trail they take us to some pretty cold places. When I came down here as a two year old it was supposed to be temporary. I was only gonna breed some mares and go back up north. Well, I like it down here and everyone was crazy about me, so I stayed. I made one foal (Ebony) before they gelded me. Which was ok. I feel much better now, running with everyone and being appreciated for who I am, not just a stud.


The trails :

I than started working with the other guys in the trail string. It is lots of work, but the food is plenty and excellent. I love them carrots. We used to go to Oregon in the summers. I even got to go swimming in the pacific ocean. It was pretty cold. Let me tell you. We rode into the snow up on Mt. Hood in July and August. BRRRR. We worked in southern Utah and Monument Valley, which was very scenic. I could have done without all that sand, but 'oh well' 'that's how it is'. In the spring and the fall we worked and still do work down here in southern Arizona.


Favorite past time:

 When we are home I love to play with my buddies Blue Boy, Blondie, Heza, Stormy, Chucky and Prince. I don't play sticks like some of them, but I do throw tires and can tear up anything ending up in my stall or the pasture. Out on trail I am not allowed on the rails anymore because I move the coral panels at night where ever I want to.


Special interests: Carrots



 This is how you will see the world through my ears.......and the backyard , our playground....


My story in pictures....... 



 This was me when I arrived here in 2005..... already quite handsome, eh????









This is how I like my blankets.......






Monument Valley






Male Bonding


Apache Trails




Superstition Trails







Arizona Trail



Geronimo Trails




                                             Here I am teaching one of my riders how to give me carrots....