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New : Frankie goes to town , part 2

New: Bumble Bee 2016

New: Frankie Goes to town

New: Another Sunday Ride

New: Playtime



New: Obstacle Fun Day

New: Man vs. Horse


New: AZT 9 15

New: Old Pueblo Endurance Ride

New : Bumble Bee Endurance Ride

          Conditioning Ride January

          AZT ride

          Sunday Ride


           Another Sunday Ride


          Spotsie's summer vacation

         Flash Flood Video    


          Home in the Desert

          Arabians vs. Foxtrotters

          Spotsie rides into the New Year

                 Spotsie & co


                 Happy Holidays 2014/15



Apache trail video  New 2015


Superstition Trail  New 2015
Geronimo Trail  New 2015

Happy Spotsie Holidays 2014

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