Howdy Trailfans,

Mom just realized that we havenít talked to you all in a while again. Two years to be exact. Time flies while we were having fun.

And fun we had this summer. Mom brought us all up to our place in St. Johns again where we spent all summer this summer. It was so much fun, for us at least. Mom worked hard for the first couple of month to build our house and big turnouts for Lilly boy and Daz. And every three to four weeks she disappeared for a few days. She said she had to go south to take care of all of her clients hooves down there.

That thing what all them humans were still talking about, the pandemic, miraculously disappeared sometime in the spring and life went back to normal. That's what they said anyways. Personally I think a lot of them went crazy trying to catch up on everything they said they missed out on for two years. Whatever that might have been.

We had a great monsoon season up there as well as down here I heard. There was so much grass growing down here that we were in pasture heaven when we got back in October. Mom was thinking of possibly spending the winter up there , but when the temperatures dropped close to freezing at night we all agreed to head south. I can only say best decision ever this year. It got cold early everywhere with the first snowfalls up north by the end of october.

In terms of departures or new additions to the family not too much exciting to report from the barn. Brother Blue boy showed up again this spring after being gone for four years. He didn't look to good and didn't wanted to talk about it much. But by now he's almost back to normal. Mom told us that kid and Tiz went over the rainbow bridge this summer suffering from severe impaction colic. They ate too many of those delicious mesquite beans. They will be missed by many.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the three christmas donkeys that showed up last winter. Mom said they came from a bad situation and needed a place to chill for a while. Well, it has been over a year now. They are kinda cute but they do eat our hay too and with the current hayprices mom has to work twice as hard to keep us all happy. For now she says they can stay as long as they become geldings, which is gonna happen soon I think. They might even join us over here in the barn pasture soon.

Ebony is getting ready to foal by the end of January. So they need to be out of her foaling stall.

There have been some changes in the dog department. Katie left us due to old age. But one little border collie mix showed up in the barn this spring to make up for loosing her. later on tow little chihuahuas were dropped off and were allowed to stay. Our three resident barn cats are still here.  

Mom already published the new Daz calendar 2023 and even offered some of her artwork as cards and posters. you can order everything on . They will even ship international... All the proceeds will be going towards our hay fund. Mom has mentioned something of a war in europe and inflation and greed. I dont understand all those words . What I do know is we're getting less hay but more pellets. Mom is still gonna work on a dmt memorial calendar and will offer some of her artwork pretty soon. It would be great of some of you could buy some so we can get more hay again.

A couple of last minute items. Ebony is due to faol end of January to Lilly Boy again. Mom is hoping for a black and white filly, but I'm sure we'll all love it regardless.

Also, Mom might let Queenie and Bo live somewhere else. Let her know if one of you might be interested. In the end it's always their choice as usual.

We all Spotsie , Ebony, Lilly Boy, Daz, Bo, Queenie, the three donkeys Larry , Mo and Curly, Chica, Buddie, Missy, Dan, Sophie, Bandito, the three black cats (Precious, Pywacked, Kitten) , mom and dad wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year for now.

Signed Spotsie