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I am Hezabaz...............        I was born Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2003, 3:00 am . My sister Sheza and cousin Dusty were born shortly after. As the oldest one of us I was selected as the speaker and will keep you updated on the events around here. Here are the news in picture form.......


 Welcome 2016


Picking up Missy Claus from Moab, North Pole



More conditioning rides





Lead, Follow or Get out of My way, Bumble Bee , AZ

January, 23



click here for video https://youtu.be/guUSnA7gbfk

Queen of Diamonds ( AB King of Hearts x Blue Fire Diamonds )

born January , 28  @ 9:10 pm


click here to get to Queenies website.......

Winter Break for the Family

Tucson Rodeo Parade

La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros, February 25 th


Superstition Trail, March 19th






Arizona Trail, April 2-9

Terrain Racing @ Old Tucson studios

Apache Trail, April 16 - 27




Mt. Carmel XP /Paria river





Apache Trail, May 14 - 26



Geronimo Trail, June 4 - 13







Geronimo Trail, June 18 - 27










Geronimo Trail, August






Azi on her way to Germany

Arizona Trail, Sept. 3-10






Apache Trail, Sept. 17 - 28





Man against Horse Endurance ride


Apache Trail, October 8 - 19







Superstition Trail, November 5 - 12


Lead, Follow or get out of my way, McDowell mountain Park


Winter Break


Happy Holidays