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I am Hezabaz...............        I was born Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2003, 3:00 am . My sister Sheza and cousin Dusty were born shortly after. As the oldest one of us I was selected as the speaker and will keep you updated on the events around here. Here are the news in picture form.......



starting out in white.....



 conditioning rides


video of the ride in the back yard http://youtu.be/a1sPKBVV6Uk



video of the AZT conditioning ride http://youtu.be/tlpvhG0MopY


Lead Follow or get out of my way, Bumble Bee

Endurance ride

video http://youtu.be/Es42VfgybcM


Fun Obstacle Day


Fun at Home




Old Pueblo Endurance ride, March '15

 video https://youtu.be/O_rNLCrZAbI




Superstition Trail, March '15



video https://youtu.be/YQZJfTTYZbQ

Arizona Trail, April '15



video http://youtu.be/_SRwLaDRWgw


Apache Trail, April '15






Apache Trail, May '15







Geronimo Trail, May '15






Geronimo Trail, June '15

video https://youtu.be/jwmNOnvhVbE




Summer, '15

Arizona Trail, september '15





Apache Trail, september '15


Man vs. Horse Endurance ride, Prescott, AZ

October 3, '15


Apache Trail, October '15





Happy Haloween

Superstition Trail, October/November '15




Superstition Trail, November '15








Calendar 2016

The calendars 2016 are out. To order contact us or visit our calendar page.

Winter '15/'16

Home for the Winter......

conditioning rides

road trip to Moab, picking up Missy

Merry Christmas

New Year Playtime


Happy New Year