As of December 2018 most of our trail horses have found their new partners.

Tor , Lilly Boys first baby, is already sold.

Mom might allow two more to move on to a new home.

Queen of Diamonds aka Queenie ( King of Hearts x Blue Fire Diamonds)

Hi there, they call me Queenie. Mom says I am a love child between my mom and dad. I was mommies first foal at the age of 18. She tried it before but never conceived until she met my dad. Well, he is a handsome, gentle guy who melts your heart. And so will I. I am very social and just love everyone. I was born that way. I even have my own facebook page and fan club. I was born here at the ranch and played with every day. So, I know everything about hoofcare, clipping, blanketing, trailering, ponying, saddleing and mom will start riding me January. I will be three then. She told me that she wanted to wait until then because I am still a little short. Both my parents are over 15 hands and I am just now 14 hands. Mommie was the same way and grew another hand when she was six. I can't wait to start exploring. Once I'm started mom said I could look for my perfect person because she is more into gaited horses now. I think I will be good for any discipling but what I find fascinating from the tales of my aunts and uncles is endurance riding. Both my parents have done well in it and I promise you I can go forever while staying calm.



Hi there, I'm Bo.

Many of you know me from our trails. I am 13 years old now. I was born and raised right here at the ranch. I am a daughter of Alabaz, my arabain dad and Mo, a TWH from Oregon. I have done the trails for many years and love to go out.  Besides trails I have done quite a bit of Endurance rides in our spare time. I am gaited like my mother. Mom said now without the trails to keep us all in shape I could go out and find me someone who has more time for me then she has. I do get to choose though. If you know me or want to get to know me let my mom know and we'll see how it goes.





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